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Palembang IA Corruption Court District Judge Panel Chaired by Erma Suharti SH MH combined with Judge Member Adi Prasetyo SH MH, and Dr. Saepudin SH MH, Thursday (02/27/2020) handed down a totally free consensus on the accused of alleged corruption in working capital credit for your South Sumatra Bank of Babel Babel (BSB), namely the defendant Augustinus Judianto Terima Vonis Bebas as Commissioner of PT Gatramas Internusa.

Inside the trial with the agenda from the verdict or sentence located in the Palembang Corruption Court, the Judge also restored the rights of Ir Augustinus Judianto.

“Judging, Ir Augustinus Judianto continues to be found responsible for doing the identical to him like the very first indictment, however the act is not really criminal but civil,” said Judge.

The Judge still said, therefore releasing the defendant Ir Augustinus from all lawsuits.

“Then release the accused from detention, restoring the defendant’s rights to his recognition, position, dignity and dignity,” he explained.

Additionally, the judge set the documentary evidence returned to Bank Sumsel Babel and returned the Tesco USA Type 500HC750 Hydraulic Top Drive System Top Drive Brand machine and some land in West Java towards the collector within this case to the curator of PT Gatarmas Internusa.

“Then, returning a plot of land in Bogor to Ir Augustinus Judianto, and charged the case fee towards the state. As a result it was decided based on the outcomes of the Palembang Corruption Court District Court Judges’ deliberations consisting of Erma Suharti SH MH as Chairman of the Judges and Adi Prasetyo SH MH, and Dr. Saepudin SH MH as a Judge Member, which had been read out in a hearing available to people, “said the primary Judge when reading verdict or sentence in a trial.

The Judge explained, based on the facts in the trial it had been revealed that this case began when Hery Gunawan who had died since the Director of PT Gatramas Internusa alongside the defendant Ir. Jenderal Sudirman Palembang.

“Throughout the meeting Hery Gunawan and Augustinus Judianto met and have become familiar with M. Adil. Where within the introduction Hery Gunawan and Augustinus Judianto told concerning the PT Gatramas Internusa project at PT Pusri Palembang, so M Adil offered working capital loans to PT Gatramas Internusa. From the offer, tek later Hery Gunawan and Augustinus Judianto met with M. Adil to apply for credit, “explained the Judge.

Furthermore, the Judge revealed, through the meeting M Adil who failed to know exactly the working capital loan process then summoned Arlan Hidayat as Head of the Credit Division until Arlan Hidayat received the capital loan application and conducted a review process, including checking collateral which was pledged, “he stated.

The Judge continued, in the process of examining the requirement the bank approved the loan application submitted by PT Gatramas Internusa for the time being a legal contract was signed and lastly PT Gatramas Internusa received the working capital credit.

“Based on the facts of the trial, in the course of the process the defendant Augustinus Judianto as Commissioner of PT Gatramas Internusa only signed the agreement. For that reason, this case is only a civil case, which in 2017 had held a civil trial inside the Central Jakarta Commercial Court, in which the results of the trial stated that PT Gatramas Internusa was bankrupt. Therefore, ghwdwz the scope of civil law the company director will be the party responsible, “said the Judge.

After reading the verdict, Chairman in the Panel of Judges Erma Suharti SH MH asked for a reply to the Prosecutor General (JPU) and the defendant Augustinus Judianto, whether or not to accept your decision, think or appeal.

Within the trial the defendants Augustinus Judianto and the Prosecutor both expressed their thoughts for 1 week before the judge’s decision was declared inkrah (having permanent power). After hearing the solution from the defendant and the prosecutor, the following Chief Justice Erma Suharti SH MH closed the trial.

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